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Winter Solstice

I was in Beez Needz supply house this morning when a gentleman came in and asked the question.

Him.. My bees aren't touching the sugar brick. Can they not get to it?

ME.. Is it laying on the top frames and can you see down between the frames?

Him. Yes

ME.. Are there flowers blooming around your house.

Him. Yes

ME. You have some nectar coming in. Bees take nectar first, stored honey second, and sugar when they have nothing else.
Try getting a kid to eat liver and spinach when there is candy and ice cream on the table. Let the same kid go 2 days without food and see how he loves L & S.

PS.. Winter solstice begins in 3 days.Tuesday, December 21, 2021 at 10:59 am EST This is the beginning of the bee's spring. As the days get longer, the queen lays more and more. Therefore, the bees have more mouths to feed as the pantry empties. Most hives that starve do so just before the spring nectar comes in. Be sure to keep n eye on their stores.