Have a Swarm?

If you see a cluster of bees like the one in the picture, or bees flying in and out of a hole in a tree, house, or other structure, please CLICK HERE to report it. A Davidson County beekeeper will be notified for assistance.

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3rd Monday of the month
(no meeting Sept. and Dec.)

Davidson County Ag Center
301 E. Center St, Lexington, NC
enter at rear of building

Queen Colors

Queen Colors for 2011 - 2020

Learn more about queen colors

There is a set of 5 standard colors that are used to identify the queen’s year of marking.

  • White represents years ending in 1 or 6
  • Yellow represents years ending in 2 or 7
  • Red represents years ending in 3 or 8
  • Green represents years ending in 4 or 9
  • Blue represents years ending in 5 or zero

This saying will help you remember the colors and the years they represent: Will You Raise Good Bees