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Joined the Davidson Beekeepers a few months back, and just discovered this forum, wish it was active. Where's that list of mentors?

can anyone do the certified practical test? I live on Davidson -Forsyth county line near hwy 150

Brian Carlton

Hi Brian,

The website and forum are fairly new to the club, and the forum hasn't really gained much traction. I think it's due to our Facebook group which seems to be more popular among the members.

Any one of us that are already Certified can give you the Certified Practical Test. There are a handful of us that can do it for you.

We will assign the closest mentor to you as well as contact information for mentors that help via email/phone. We'll let you know who is available to help.


Thanks, I quit Facebook 2 years ago, too much political, drama, anxiety, privacy concerns etc. for me

I could use someone to ask local questions etc. I went to bee school in Yadkinville, and the teacher said he might could come down here to administer the test, but he's yet to do it, I work the bees on Sat morning usually. I passed the written test at the State meeting.


Well he replied finally, coming down to do test Monday, still could use someone nearby to ask questions occasionally.

Congrats on passing the test!

I hear ya about Facebook. I avoided it for years but had to give in due to several clubs using it as well as business reasons. Several very active forums I visited have pretty much dried up due to people migrating to Facebook.

We have a mentor that is close to you. I am waiting to hear back from him. If he is unavailable, there is another mentor a little further to the south of you who would be my second choice (second only due to distance). I'll be in touch.