Davidson County Beekeepers Association Minutes

May 20, 2019, 7:00 p.m.
Davidson County Agricultural Extension Theatre
Called To Order 8:32 pm
Presiding: BJ Beck, President ; George Baroody, Vice President
Secretary: Jeff Boyst

Treasurers Report: $3,168.97
Attendance: 41 members

Review of Previous Minutes:
Motion to accept Minutes made: Approved
Old Business: None

New Business:
● Appointment of a new treasurer: Kelly Kiker nominated by motion of Sara Beth, seconded by
Jeff Boyst. (Motion: pass)
● Create an annual honey swap to be held in October where members would contribute 3 jars of
honey (2 to 3 ounce) to be exchanged for 3 other members. The association is to provide the
jars to all members who wish to contribute. Motion presented by George Baroody, seconded by
Kelly Kiker. (Motion: pass)
● Creation of an annual Best Beehive Beard photo contest in which each member may enter one
photo of a hive they own of the bees bearding on their hive. The winner would be selected by
the members on paper ballot and announced during the October meeting. The winning photo
would be displayed in the Davidson County Agricultural Extension office and the winner would k

Cookout scheduled for June 17th.

Adjourn: 9:01 pm