Davidson County Beekeepers Association Minutes

January , 2019, 7:00 p.m.
Davidson County Agricultural Extension Theatre
Presiding: BJ Beck, President ; George Baroody, Vice President
Secretary: Jeff Boyst
Treasurers Report: $2497.14; Kaia Tarikas, Treasurer
Attendance: 29 members, 1 guest

Review of Previous Minutes:
Motion to accept Minutes made by Keith Elkes: Approved

Old Business:

New Business:

    Motion to create a plaque honoring the lifetime membership to the DCBA that will hang at the Extension office and a certificate printed for the recipient. Motion: Jeff Boyst, Approved
    Motion to modify the previous motion to explore the costs of creating a plaque for the member instead of a paper certificate. Motion: Wally, Approved
    Motion to modify the previous motion to limit the price up to $100. Motion: Dave Rogers, Approved
    Motion to award Vince Applebee with the 2019 Lifetime Honorary Membership to the DCBA . Motion: Keith Elkes, Approved

Adjourn: 8:02 p.m.